After being approached in February 2021 about the potential sale of a Siemens Magnetom Avanto 1.5T 32 channel MRI from a clinical site in Birmingham UK. Vertu put together a comprehensive bid proposal and won the purchase agreement for the system to include also planning and project management for the removal of an MRI system from a clinical environment. The system was successfully de-installed on time and also working to a tight schedule. Currently the system is in storage awaiting the final aspects of a sale agreement.
Testimonials from the NHS Trust and the leasing company that sold the system to Vertu Medical show the level of professionalism and service our team strives for.  Watch the video showing the successful movement of the magnet onto our awaiting truck.


Testimonial :

Thanks to you and the team.  I know this has been challenging for many reasons, but there is no greater testimonial to the professionalism of the team than the satisfaction expressed by the customer. A great job, thank you.

Malcolm Plunkett
Asset Manager ‑ Asset Finance

Would like to thank you Josh , Gus and Keenan for the great job you all carried out which resulted in the successful removal of the MR Scanner. I am particularly pleased with the fact that I did not receive one complaint
from any of the Radiology staff during the 5 days that you were all on site.

Barrie O’Hare
Site manager NHS