Vertu Medical understands the growing demand for healthcare services for an expanding population globally. Our ecosystems are under unsustainable pressure from overconsumption of resources, waste generation, pollution and climate change.

In its role as a purchaser, supplier and service provider relating to various different modalities of diagnostic imaging medical equipment, Vertu Medical is aware of its responsibilities in relation to reducing carbon emissions. We aim to ensure that all medical equipment is maintained and utilised effectively to ensure optimal usage. Vertu Medical is also investing in research and development of techniques to re-purpose natural resources, such as helium gases.

Our goal is to build a pathway to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, meaning that as a company, Vertu Medical aims to have total greenhouse gas emissions equal to or less than the emissions that we remove from the environment. This date will be kept under review and we expect that the date will come forward as our carbon reduction strategies progress. Initially, Vertu is working on education of staff regarding carbon reduction and also making changes in operations to reduce carbon emissions, such as working from home.

Vertu Medical is in support of the NHS Net Zero Supplier Roadmap and will be reporting our emissions within six months of the end of the financial year. Our financial year runs from the 1st of October to the 30th of September. Vertu will create software-based reporting systems to monitor Carbon KPIs to ensure visibility and accountability in different areas of business activity. In this manner we hope to incentivise distinct areas of business to join our carbon reduction vision.

Whilst the primary aim is to reduce carbon consumption in the business, Vertu understands that some activities are key to business function and have a carbon footprint. In these events Vertu will support externally verified carbon credits to fund carbon capture and removal projects.