Site Planning and Implementation Services

Vertu Medical offers professional site planning and installation of medical equipment on your premises. We work closely with our clients to deliver outstanding planning and installation services that fit your schedule and budget. With years of experience in the field, we’re confident that we can offer a range of bespoke solutions to help your hospital installations or removals of equipment go smoothly.
• Save time and money with professional site planning services. Effective project management ensures that project deadlines are met and are implemented within spec.
• Maintain proper safety and care standards with experienced project managers and planning staff.
• Site planning and hospital equipment implementation require careful resource management to balance budget, materials, and labor. Project management makes this simple with an experienced workforce.
• Minimize potential risks such as specification changes and construction compilations. Effective project management will provide proactive solutions to potential pitfalls and roadblocks.
In short, an experienced project manager will smooth out the implementation of your medical equipment while also providing you with peace of mind.

Project Management Services

Our main focus is on large-scale project management services to assist in the planning and implementation of medical equipment. You’ll be assigned a trustworthy and experienced project manager that will handle everything from the initial project drafts down to the rigging and implementation of your medical equipment.
Vertu Medical will provide a clear step-by-step preparation plan as part of your site planning. This includes an equipment plan based on your criteria, consultation based on your operating clearances, and site-specific documentation that will be provided before your equipment is delivered.