If you want to transport an MRI machine or if you want to do some maintenance on the equipment you have then you have come to the right place. We are proud to say that we have some of the finest rotation tools on the market, so you can feel confident that when you rent from us, you are getting the most for your money.

The Dangers of Renting Poor Quality Equipment

If you try and move or rotate an MRI machine without the proper equipment then this can pose a danger to you and others. Improper shielding can easily create opportunities for metal items to be pulled toward the magnet. Anyone who is between these items and the magnet could find themselves in a pinch.
You may also find that the powerful magnets in an MRI machine can erase data and critical code, especially if they are too close to a computer. If you try and move it without the right gear then this can really wreak havoc on your healthcare establishment. By using the right rotation and movement tool, you can then ensure that the machine is looked after while also protecting everything around you. Our movement tools are the finest on the market, so you can expect the best when you come to us.

Why you Should Use our MRI Rotation Tool

Of course, if you need to move your MRI machine then the best way for you to do this would be for you to use an MRI rotation tool. The great thing about using our rotation tool is that it gives you the chance to effectively get the machine through any doorways or through any tight spaces. Our MRI rotation tool helps to keep your machine safe so you can feel confident knowing that you are always having the assurance you need to move what you want with ease. Our MRI rotation tool is specific to the MRI model as well. Please note that our rotation tool can only be used for 1.5T and 3T F2000 Philips magnets.
The Benefits of Renting from Vertu Medical
Buying an MRI rotation tool can be very expensive, not to mention that it can also be very difficult for you to store it when it is not in use. By renting from us, you can avoid all of this while having the confidence of knowing your machine is being handled safely. We always make the effort to perform regular maintenance on our tools too, so every time you rent from us, you know that it meets the latest regulations.

Come to Us for MRI Deinstallation

It doesn’t matter whether you are selling your MRI machine or whether you simply want to move it to another part of the hospital because our MRI rotation machine is useful for just about any purpose. We are proud to say that our tools are of the finest quality and that they are capable of rotating any MRI machine you could have. Our tools are available for rent, and we will always drop them off and pick them up at a time that suits you.
Moving an MRI machine is a huge task, but we are proud to say that we are here to help you with just about anything you need. Why not check out our MRI rotation tools for yourself today?