The high level of dependence that healthcare organisations increasingly have on electronic storage systems and the use of disposable media has also served to elevate the risks associated with the disclosure of what may often be highly sensitive information.

Both NHS and third-party systems are often required to process and retain high levels of patient identifiable or business-critical data. This makes it essential for assured Data Deletion to take place in order to prevent unauthorised disclosure and misuse.

Vertu Medical Data Deletion

We are delighted here at Vertu Medical to be able to provide the highest standard of secured and certified data wiping services for healthcare organisations.

Our services draw upon approved data erasure technologies to erase sensitive information from the hard drives of medical devices and imaging systems.

Your firm’s high-value imaging system or medical equipment will be effectively rendered useless and any resale value voided in the absence of an operating system and application software. We therefore provide data deletion services that preserve these elements while still securely erasing the patient data from the hard disk or memory media.

This, in turn, will enable you to obtain a good resale price for your firm’s medical or imaging equipment.

In line with your preferences, we can provide a Data Deletion service on-site at your own organisation’s premises, off-site at our secure facility, or remotely. If needed, there is also an option to have us collect your equipment and deliver it back to you, securely wiped so that it can be redeployed.

If you wish for Vertu Medical to be present at your own site, we can wipe the drives and handheld devices in situ, within your firm’s own safe and secure area, while your security staff observe the entire operation.

Meanwhile, our off-site services can entail scanning the details of your hard drives when we arrive to collect them, so that the serial numbers can be reconciled with the provided documentation. This means you can be sure of every disk having been erased.

Alternatively, you may be interested in our remote data deletion service, whereby we access your organisation’s hard drives that you wish to erase and perform the task without any need to be present at your site or in the company of your own professionals.

Enquire now to learn more about how we can serve your healthcare or medical organisation with the complete, reputable and certified data deletion service.

Vertu Medical Data Deletion

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