"Renting imaging equipment has never been easier. Simply take a look at the models we have available and tell us which one you need, when you need it and how long you’ll need it for and we can do the rest!"

At Vertu Medical, we can provide first-class ultrasound rental services for your company, veterinary clinic, baby scan clinic, hospital or university. We offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry without ever compromising on quality. We can help you whether you need to rent ultrasound equipment on a short or long-term basis. Find a suitable machine with the perfect configuration for your needs. Whether you need portable or static ultrasound systems, we can help. We can provide you with access to ultrasound equipment from various major manufacturers like GE, Philips and more. We can also give you access to efficient and dependable ultrasound probes. You are welcome to contact us at any time if you do have any queries about our ultrasound rental services. We know our catalogue inside out and can listen closely to what you have to say. This helps us to identify the perfect solution for your requirements.

Vertu Medical Ultrasound Machine Rental

The benefits of renting ultrasound equipment

There are many great reasons for renting ultrasound equipment if you’re not in a position to buy it outright. Our services are particularly popular with start-ups as well as organisations on tight budgets. We also service businesses that are in the process of expansion. Ultrasound rentals enable you to gain access to the facilities that you need without paying more than you can currently afford. Make your budget go further and access the resources you need with our rented ultrasound equipment. If you feel your old machine’s best days are behind it, get a more efficient, modern replacement.

Evaluate the equipment and receive maintenance

Another great reason for renting before you buy is that it allows you to see if the equipment is right for you before you commit to a full purchase. In most cases, you may be able to purchase the machines or probes you have rented later. The benefits don’t end there. Many companies and organisations prefer to rent because they can access cheaper repair and maintenance work. We work with partners that can carry out full servicing and can arrange maintenance for a modest extra cost.

Upgrades available

You can even upgrade your ultrasound equipment whenever you like once you have met the minimum rental conditions. This is a good way of gaining access to the latest and most dependable equipment on the market. In most cases, you can upgrade your machine whenever you need to. As long as the agreement permits this, there won’t be a problem.

The most competitive pricing

We pledge to offer some of the best prices for ultrasound rentals on the market, so let us know if you have found the same equipment cheaper elsewhere and we will do all we can to deliver the best price. We have considerable experience in this area and are more than happy to discuss your options with you so you can get the best arrangement for your specific needs. Before we make any machine or probe available to rent to a new customer, we carry out comprehensive quality control. This ensures you’re getting the excellence and efficiency that you expect.

How our ultrasound equipment supports healthcare organisations

The ultrasound equipment that we provide is easy to use, can help you keep patient waiting times to a minimum and includes cardiac based systems as well as women’s health solutions alongside multipurpose and specialist systems. Brands include GE, Philips and many more. We can give you access to new, used, ex-demo, reconditioned and refurbished ultrasound systems.

More about ultrasound equipment


Ultrasound equipment is used to make scans known as ‘sonograms’, which allow us to see what is happening within the body. It supports the diagnosis of medical conditions, makes medical procedures more efficient and is used during prenatal check-ups. Probes are used during scans to pick up echoes from sound waves. This produces moving images that we can see on monitors. We provide equipment for external, internal and endoscopic processes.

Vertu Medical Ultrasound Machine Rental

Baby Scanning - 3d/4d and HD Live

Let us meet the requirements of your scanning clinic. Portable and static machines can be configured to match your exact requirements. DVD recorders and printers are available. Ultrasound machines with and without HD live are available.We can tailor probes and other options to your needs whether you require a small parts or 4D probe. We constantly see high demand for the GE Voulson range, particularly the Voulson E8 and E10 which are ideal for baby scan clinics.

Multipurpose systems

Providing the best possible solution whether you need breast, vascular or MSK scanning systems. We offer a range of systems including basic to premium consoles and compacts. Maintain the excellence of your ultrasound system and ensure exams are carried out on time, to the highest standard.
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We can provide the right cardiac ultrasound machine for your needs. We can provide quality machines and probes to help you scan patients quickly and effectively. The machines can be configured. We always identify the right probes for the best possible image quality, with GEs Vivid range being highly recommended.

"Look no further than Vertu Medical for high-quality ultrasound equipment. For almost a decade, we have been providing effective solutions for public and private sector organisations and helping them meet their diagnostic imaging requirements. Talk to us today about our daily, weekly or monthly ultrasound rental services."

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