At Vertu we specialize in the removal of MRI scanners including the complete deinstallation. Vertu purchased the Siemens 8 Channel MRI Scanner from a UK leasing company. Our company managed the removal as well as all the logistical processes that were required to complete the deinstallation process.

The Siemens 8 Channel MRI Scanner Explained

The Siemens 8 Channel MRI machine provides budget benefits for medical companies and costs approximately half of other Siemens MRIs. As well as the price benefits the 8 channel head array coil provides enhancements in terms of both speed of acquisition and image quality. This will be useful for any company that completes a significant number of brain scans providing more signal and less noise in the results produced. This MRI machine is also highly reliable and similar models have been used on the market for more than 15 years. As such, it provides benefits including low levels of maintenance and lower levels of downtime.

This particular scanner is 160 cm in length and weighs a total of 4050 kg. As such, without the right expertise a deinstallation can be a complex task.

Our De-Installation Process

Our team at Vertu successfully de-installed the MRI scanner from the clinical site within the required deadline and while working on a tight schedule. The process included careful movement of the scanner onto our track using a variety of advanced tools.

Similar to an installation and MRI deinstallation requires a complete site inspection. It is important to take this step so that our team knows what to expect including the location of the MRI machine and the transportation required. We were also required to plan the right pickup route and assess elements such as the height and width of doorways.

The de-installation also required one of our engineers to ramp down the system and check the level of functionality. This was documented before the machine was shut down and the crane was brought in to move the device. The MRI device was completely powered down as one of the many steps we take to ensure a safe and effective removal.

The weight of the MRI machine required an advanced rigging system. This was used to load the magnet onto the truck along with all the MRI components.

A job like this will always be a balancing act for any time requiring both on-site technical expertise as well as logistical preparations.

The Siemens Magnetom 1.5T 8 Channel de-installation is one of the many projects that we have completed for our clients. For de-installation services we provide an end-to-end solution utilizing our own required tools and transportation. We also manage every aspect of logistical requirements to ensure that an MRI machine like a Siemens 8 channel is installed correctly without any issues. If you need an MRI system removed, please do not hesitate to contact our team today. We will be happy to assist you further.