Vertu Medical Ultrasound Probe

If you require reliable ultrasound probes from a trusted source, talk to us today. The medical solutions that we provide are designed to help you deliver the best standard of healthcare. We offer a wide range of affordable rental ultrasound probes for sale.

Talk to us today for more information on our new, used, refurbished, reconditioned and ex-demo ultrasound systems and probes from brands like GE and Philips. We can help if you are looking for 2D, 3D and 4D probes including transvaginal and cardiac probes. Whether you are interested in buying a probe for a system you already own or are interested in buying, we can help.

There are many different types of probe available to you. These include linear, convex, phased array, TEE, pencil and endocavity. The kind of transducer you need will depend on what you are using the probe for. Probes can also vary in price depending on which product you need and the features that it offers. We can assist you if you require bulk orders of probes and can help you find probes that are compatible with the systems that you are using. A low frequency transducer or probe will offer a longer distance image but reduced image quality, whilst you’ll receive a shorter image distance with higher quality with a higher frequency probe.

Contact us today to learn more about the ultrasound probes that we supply. We are passionate about helping you deliver the finest standard of medical equipment we possibly can and are more than happy to

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