“It has never been simpler to rent imaging equipment. Have a look at the C-arm models we have available and select the one that best suits your requirements. Tell us when you need it and how long for, and leave the rest with us!”

At Vertu Medical, we work with hospitals, universities, veterinary clinics, and private companies to provide first-class imaging rental services. With a range of C-arms available to rent, it couldn’t be easier to access state-of-the-art equipment from leading manufacturers including Philips and more. We pride ourselves on ensuring our clients receive high quality equipment at prices that are competitive throughout the industry. Conversations with clients are always welcomed to discuss our available C-arms, or to answer any queries about the best product for your clinical requirements. Our in-depth knowledge of available products will help you find the perfect solution for your imaging needs.

Vertu Medical C-Arm Machine Rental

What is a C-Arm Machine?

C-arms are imaging scanning intensifiers. Their name comes from the C-shaped arm that is used to connect the x-ray source to the x-ray detector. The first C-arm was developed in the 1950s, and since then their technological capabilities have rapidly advanced.

C-arms are most commonly used for fluoroscopic intraoperative imaging during a variety of surgical, orthopaedic and emergency procedures. Procedures might include:

  • Cardiac or vascular procedures
  • Neurological procedures
  • Urological procedures.

Unlike a standard form of imaging, such as X-ray or CT scans, they allow clinicians to see real-time high-resolution X-ray images. Surgeons can therefore make radiologically supported decisions during a procedure. This ensures that any clinical decisions made are individualised to the patient at that moment in time.

Types of C-Arms

Depending on the model, C-arms come with different image intensifiers.

  • 9” image intensifiers suit orthopaedics, urology and many general surgical procedures. Many cardiac procedures can also be performed with a 9” C-arm, although a greater image storage capacity is generally required. These models are compact and mobile for ease of use and storage.
  • 12” image intensifiers are best for vascular or neurological procedures. The larger size ensures you can see a larger body area on one image.

C-arms often have several imaging modes

C-arms often have several imaging modes which can be selected to keep x-ray dosing to a minimum during procedures. Continuous fluoroscopy, pulsed fluoroscopy and image acquisition settings can all be employed depending on the procedure.

Our experts

Our experts are familiar with the functions of the different models available, and can assist you in selecting the right C-arm for your department.

The Benefits of Renting C-Arm Equipment

Many businesses have realised the benefits of renting C-arm equipment rather than purchasing products outright. Our rental products are particularly popular with organisations operating with tight budgets, or those who are in the process of expanding. Start-ups have also reaped the benefits of renting our quality C-arms. When finances are tight, renting a C-arm gives you the equipment you need without overspending.

Evaluate the Equipment and Receive Maintenance

If you are currently using an older model of C-arm or another form of imaging, it couldn’t be simpler to rent a modern replacement. Renting a C-arm allows you to trial a certain brand and model within your practice without making the significant financial investment that purchasing the equipment would require. In this way, you can check that the product will meet your needs prior to making a costly purchase. If the C-arm falls short of your individual clinical needs, it’s easy to trial a different model by requesting a new piece of equipment for rental. Using a rental period as a trial can save on costly purchase errors.

The benefits of renting don’t end there. We work with trusted partners who carry out full servicing of C-arms and can arrange maintenance for a modest additional cost. Being able to access cheaper repair and maintenance services is ideal for many companies.

Vertu Medical C-Arm Machine Rental

The Most Competitive Pricing

We pride ourselves on offering some of the best prices for C-arm rentals on the market. If you should find the same model available cheaper elsewhere, let us know and we will do our very best to deliver the most competitive price. With extensive experience in C-arm rentals, we can discuss pricing structures with you dependent on your specific needs, so that you can be sure to receive the best arrangement for your business. Furthermore, all of our equipment undergoes a comprehensive quality control check to ensure you are getting the excellence and efficiency you expect.

How Our C-Arm Equipment Supports Healthcare Organisations

The C-arm equipment that we provide for rentals is easy to use. Having an additional C-arm can help to keep waiting times to a minimum and ensures you can continue to offer regular services if there is unexpected downtime in any other C-arms used within your business. Having a rented C-arm available also allows you to continue working effectively if there is unscheduled demand as a result of an emergency. At Vertu Medical we can give you access to new, used, ex-demo, reconditioned and refurbished C-arms to suit your requirements and budget.