Vertu Medical X-ray

Diagnostic X-Ray Machine
Our X-ray equipment allows you to give your patients the highest standard of care. Expect high-quality imaging and valuable ease-of-use. The range of x-ray solutions that we offer enables you to cope with increased patient demand, take the strain of waiting lists and gain the excellence you need at highly competitive prices. Why not talk to us today to find out more about our x-ray, mobile x-ray and c-arm technology? We lead the way when it comes to providing new, used, refurbished, reconditioned X-ray equipment from manufacturers like Philips.

X-rays are used to detect a host of conditions. Although they tend to be carried out by radiographers, this machinery is often used by dentists and other medical professionals too. X-rays pass through the body, with the energy from the rays being absorbed at different speeds depending in the part of the body being scanned. Once the x-rays have passed through the body, a detector picks them up and uses them to produce an image. If it is relatively easy for x-rays to pass through certain parts of the body, they will appear as clear white areas on the resulting image. Darker areas appear for areas that the rays pass through more easily. X-rays can examine most parts of the body, though they are most frequently used to assess bones and joints.

X-rays can be used to identify problems like fractures and breaks, bone tumours, heart and lung problems, breast cancer and more. They can also guide medical professionals through some procedures, enabling them to move tubes along arteries and so on.

For further information on our X-ray and mobile X-ray equipment, get in touch with us today.

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