Vertu Medical CT

Our high-end, highly dependable CT scanners are designed to diagnose a host of medical conditions. Offering the finest standards of efficiency and practicality, they give patients the peace of mind they require whilst keeping them comfortable whilst scans are carried out. The solutions that we offer are ideal for medical clinics and hospitals, enable you to cope with extra demand and are as reliable as they are affordable.

CT stands for computerised tomography. During a CT scan, X-rays and computers are used to produce detailed images of events inside the body. Other names for CT scans include CAT scans. These scans are normally carried out by radiographers. The machines themselves can produce images of many organs and structures such as bones and blood vessels.

CT scans are normally used to diagnose conditions ranging from blood flow issues and broken bones to strokes and cancer. Once a CT scan has taken place, medical professionals can make informed decisions on further treatments and tests. A CT scan can tell us how big a tumour is before radiotherapy takes place and can be used to examine the size of a tumour before, during and after cancer treatment. These scans normally take place once it is clear a problem exists – they are not usually used when no symptoms are evident.
Patients shouldn’t feel claustrophobic during CT scans as the machines don’t surround their entire bodies. Scans normally take between ten and 20 minutes.

We are waiting to hear from you whether you need new, used, refurbished and reconditioned CT scanners. Brands include GE, Philips, Toshiba and Siemens. For more information about our CT scanning equipment, talk to us today.

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