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If you are seeking high-quality cath lab equipment from leading manufacturers like Siemens, talk to Vertu Medical today. We are able to provide new, used, refurbished and reconditioned cath labs made from medical-grade materials. The solutions that we offer blend patient comfort with diagnostic ability to the highest of standards, delivering hi-resolution images that make detection of arterial abnormalities much more effective. We can count a wide range of medical practices, hospitals and clinics amongst our client network.

Cath labs are medical environments where a range of procedures and tests take place. These include ablation, angioplasty, angiograms and pacemaker-fitting procedures. The teams that work in cath labs are normally headed by cardiologists. Once these procedures are completed, catheters are removed. Patients often need to lay down for an hour or two following cath lab procedures but can normally return home the same day or within 24 hours.

We have vast experience in supplying our clients with suitable and effective cath lab equipment. If you need help with selecting the right solution for your needs, simply get in touch to tell us about your requirements. The equipment that we supply save lives and ensures potentially life-threatening conditions are detected and diagnosed quickly. We have been providing this equipment for almost a decade and are able to serve healthcare providers from the public and private sector.

Contact us today for further information on our innovative yet affordable cath lab equipment.

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