Vertu Medical C-ARM

C-arm machines are imaging scanning intensifiers. They take their name from the C-shaped arm which links the x-ray source with the x-ray detector. Mainly used for fluoroscopic intraoperative imaging, they also have radiographic capabilities. C-arm machines can be used during surgery, for orthopaedic purposes and during emergency care. These machines deliver real-time X-ray images in high definition.

C-arm machines are types of fluoroscopic systems. They consist of a generator and an image intensifier or flat-panel detector. The C-shaped element can be moved not only horizontally and vertically but around swivel axes too, enabling medical professionals to source X-ray images from virtually any angle. Once the X-rays have been emitted by the generator, the X-rays are converted into a visible image. This image can then be seen on the machine’s monitor.

Talk to Vertu Medical today if you wish to give your patients the highest standard of care and require C-arm machines from leading manufacturers. The solutions that we provide offer high-quality imagining and enable you to meet increased patient demand. Our medical equipment experts know our C-arm equipment inside out and can provide all the advice and support you need to identify the best solution for your needs. We are able to provide you with used, refurbished and reconditioned C-arm systems from trusted brands like Philips and more.

We are ready to hear from you right now if you wish to learn more about the various C-arm solutions that we offer to private and public medical companies and organisations. Contact us today to learn more about our wide range of C-arm systems.

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