Vertu Medical THE BENEFITS OF BUYING USED OR REFURBISHED DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING EQUIPMENTIt is without doubt, that the cost of equipping and running any medical facility, regardless of size and/or specialism is highly expensive. And, unlike many other businesses, there are fewer opportunities in the world of medicine to make substantial cost savings. However, there are ways to save money and one of those is through making smarter purchasing decisions, such as exploring the option of purchasing used or refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment instead of buying new.

The use of diagnostic imaging equipment has revolutionised the world of medical diagnosis. There is no question that it is now an extremely important element of the healthcare sector, and is also constantly evolving in its technology and applications. Whether a medical facility uses an MRI or CT scanner or x-ray machine for diagnostic purposes, this technology is a very essential part of the treatment process. Diagnostic imaging equipment allows for both an accurate, confident and speedy diagnosis by clinicians, and also ensures that the prescribed treatment/s evolve with the status (progression or regression) of the condition. It is unquestionably an essential tool for all good healthcare providers, but of course comes at a cost!

So whether you are equipping a new medical facility, expanding or upgrading your current offering, making savings by purchasing either used or refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment is an excellent way to provide your clinical setting with the necessary equipment without the exorbitant cost of buying new, whilst still providing your clinicians with confidence that this equipment will work and perform diagnostically as well as new.

Here at Vertu Medical we specialise in the provision of a wide range of high-quality used and refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment. Through our experience, we understand that despite the cost savings many of our clients may still have concerns and/or may be hesitant to buy used or refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment. Therefore, we believe that in order to be comfortable and confident in that purchasing decision, it’s very important to understand the benefits of choosing used or refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment which we will discuss here.

Why is ‘used’ or ‘refurbished’ diagnostic imaging equipment desirable in healthcare sectors?

Vertu Medical THE BENEFITS OF BUYING USED OR REFURBISHED DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING EQUIPMENTThe term “Circular Economy” is one that we hear more and more of in business circles. It refers to the optimisation of the usage of natural resources in a way that reduces waste in the ecosystem, prolongs the life of equipment and makes cost savings. Diagnostic imaging equipment fits very well into this concept as whilst the technology surrounding this equipment advances rapidly, it is also extremely expensive. It therefore, makes sense to try to get as much life out of existing diagnostic imaging systems as possible especially in countries that may not have access to, or demand for, the most up to date technology.

Refurbished or used diagnostic imaging equipment brings state of the industry equipment to a global market at a lower more affordable capital outlay, with perhaps the greatest business benefit being that ROI for refurbished or used diagnostic imaging equipment measures the same as new equipment. That lower price sure makes a positive impact on the bottom line for hospitals, clinics, practices, veterinary hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Buying refurbished or used diagnostic imaging equipment is unlike buying any other goods second-hand. The reason for this is that the majority of refurbished or used diagnostic imaging equipment has either never been repaired or slightly repaired or possibly only used for demonstration purposes. Vertu Medical undertake a full professional inspection on all refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment and reports on any potential faults found in order that these can be rectified if required for total peace of mind and safety in use. By opting to purchase from a company such as Vertu Medical that specialises in refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment and supplies top quality used equipment you can rest assured that your chosen equipment will perform as required and maintain optimum diagnostic performance. Vertu Medical also carries out regular testing and inspection of any refurbished or used equipment once placed in situ to guarantee their valued clients total peace of mind

The slice count of a CT scanner is of course not only relevant to the application, but also to the cost of the scanner. So, for example a refurbished 4-8 slice CT scanner would start at approximately £25,000 to £50,000; a 64 slice £80,000 to £120,000 and for a 128 slice scanner on average £172,000 to £497,000. New CT scanners would of course cost considerably more. These pricing examples are purely for purchase of the CT scanner and do not include installation, warranty etc.

The key benefits of buying used or refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment

This is of course the most obvious and most advantageous benefit. The healthcare industry is widely recognised as being a sector bearing high costs particularly within the areas of basic supplies and equipment use. Therefore, every opportunity to make savings with no compromise to clinical standards and patient safety should be very strongly considered and implemented. Opting to purchase used or refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment is an excellent option for the vast majority of healthcare provider settings, but particularly for those clinics who are not in a position to, or looking forward to, making big investments.

When opting to buy used or refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment you will be buying a product that is tried and tested having been on the market for a while. This has the advantage of reliability as choosing equipment that is the very latest technological development is very much like stepping into the unknown as less is known about it, and unknown problems could occur. An older established model of diagnostic imaging equipment will have had time to be tested in everyday clinical settings and any issues ironed out, plus, worse case scenario, if a product proved to be unsafe, it will have been removed from the market before you begin to look for a used or refurbished model.

When you choose to buy used or refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment you are effectively helping to promote the reduction of carbon footprint within your business. Traditionally, the healthcare sector by its very nature is a difficult place to find ways to be eco-friendly. Therefore, by purchasing used or refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment you are playing your part in being more ecologically responsible by achieving sustainability with no compromise to healthcare standards or safety.

Vertu Medical has been providing the healthcare sector with the very highest quality used and refurbished imaging equipment for many years. Our clients’ satisfaction is at the very hear of our team of professionals business work hard to try and exceed expectations when it comes to your equipment needs and to develop a long-term relationship with your business.

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