Siemens Axiom Artis DBA Cath Lab Biplane

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    Modality: Cath Lab
    OEM: Siemens
    Model: Artis
    OYM: 2007
    Serial number: 531353

    Number of X-Ray tubes: 2
    X-Ray tubes model: MEGALIX Cat 125/15/40/80-121GW
    Date of last tube replacement October 2018
    YOM of replacement tube: 2008

    Number of Detectors: 2
    Size of Detectors: 30*40 + 20*20
    Detector 1: YOM: 2007; size: 30×40, SSFD PIXIUM 4700
    Detector 2: YOM 2007; size: 20×20 DSA

    Remote workstation model: Syngo

    System will be available May 2020


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