Medical equipment does not come cheap. It can cost medical businesses millions to install every piece of equipment needed for their practice. Diagnostic imaging equipment is necessary for medical practices needing to perform x-rays. The cost of installation and maintenance and be costly. However, there is a solution.

Businesses can now save money and attain professional equipment from Vertu Medical, a company that have refurbished mobile x-ray units in the UK. The equipment was purchased in the UK and repaired and refurbished to its original condition by the team. They manage the equipment through every step of refurbishment and are medical machinery experts, which ensure that the equipment is working and installed efficiently.

Vertu Medical provide flexible and cost-effective solutions to UK based clients that specialise in radiology. The equipment can be provided to small and large medical businesses that are in need of mobile x-ray units. If you are in need of professional medical diagnostic imaging equipment and do not want to spend a fortune on brand new equipment, refurbished machines are just as good.
No longer do you need to source brand new radiology equipment for your medical business that provides radiology services. By using refurbished machines, you can ensure that they do not go to waste and you can also save a huge amount of money for your business from the purchase of the product to installation.