The superconducting magnet within an MRI Machine should always be at a certain temperature to remain safe and effective. Liquid helium is considered to be the best element for achieving a cool superconducting magnet.

In this article, you will discover:

  • What an MRI Machine is and its use
  • How Liquid Helium plays a positive role for MRI Machines
  • Where to find MRI Machines for sale

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. The machines work to collect crucial information about a person’s health through imagery. An MRI machine’s main purpose is to take images of a person’s body, whether it be the head, stomach, or legs. Any area of the body can be scanned with an MRI machine.
They are game-changing pieces of medical equipment, that all health practices should have to offer a better quality of life and health for their patients.
MRI machines scan bodies without causing radiation.

The main parts of an MRI machine are its coil, magnet, and wires. These features conduct a current, which detects health issues and results in clear images.
When an MRI machine is in scanning mode, it will need to produce high-intensity magnetic field currents to offer the best image results. To do so, the superconducting magnets need to stay cool and allow electrical current to flow through the coils. To achieve this, liquid helium is the perfect element.
Liquid helium is the ideal temperature to maintain the superconducting magnets and help them work at their full potential.
The ideal temperature for the highest resolution images is 4,15 Kelvin, which is -269 degrees Celcius.
Using liquid helium for MRI machines will ensure the best imaging results and safety.

Liquid helium is more expensive than other elements. It typically costs around 20 euros per liter. Although, prices fluctuate and increase or decrease from time to time depending on the markets.

Prices of helium fluctuate depending on demand. It comes from the natural gas industry, which means that it needs to be widely available in order to decrease the price. If the availability is low, prices will increase.

The reason liquid helium is one of the most expensive is due to it needing to be cooled. The cooling of the liquid helium will need to be maintained in order to be effective. Thus, additional equipment will be needed, which further increases the expense.

Liquid helium is used in other industries to from aviation to rocketry. Thus, it is in high demand, which will further increase the prices.

Finding MRI machines for sale is not a hard task. There are plenty of sites online and stores that provide high-quality machinery. For instance, you can purchase them from Vertu Medical, Bi Medis, and other medical practices that sell medical equipment.

Most medical companies that specialise in MRI machines will sell used and new machines. If you want the best output and highest efficacy, then purchasing a new one will be the best option.

Knowing how much liquid helium costs is as crucial as knowing how much an MRI machine uses. You will need to purchase enough liquid helium to ensure that your MRI machine can always work at its full potential.

Depending on the type and size of the MRI machine, the liquid helium consumption will vary.

An average example of liquid helium consumption in an MRI machine is around 1,700 liters. This figure is based on an MRI machine that works at a temperature of minus 269.1 degrees Celcius.

If your MRI machine does consume the average liquid helium amount, this means it will consume on average around 4 percent of its capacity per month. Thus, this equates to 48 percent of its capacity per year. When you do the maths, this totals to 864 liters every year.

Let’s say the average price is 30 euros at the time of purchase, this means you will spend around 25,920 euros per year on liquid helium. This price might sound high yet it is a good price for ensuring that your MRI machine works at its full potential.

You can purchase more expensive MRI machines that can cool themselves. However, these are considerably more expensive. Thus, it might be worth investing in liquid helium rather than an extortionately expensive machine.

Extending the lifespan of your MRI machine is ideal for the sake of your clients and your money. Making the most out of your MRI machine is possible with the right refill tips.
  • You should always refill your MRI machine with liquid helium before it does below 65%.
  • All machines have different liquid helium capacities of up to 18,000 liters.
  • Prices will always vary so shop around for the best value
  • Regularly service your MRI machine so that the liquid helium works at full potential.

MRI machines first started using liquid helium for their internal cryogen chambers in the 1980s. The external chambers were filled with liquid nitrogen.

In the 1990s, the external chambers were swapped for cryo-coolers, which led to the elimination of nitrogen. Due to this, the need for liquid helium was reduced.

The early 2000s saw the release of zero boil-off magnets, which reduced helium loss. Then just 18 years later in 2018, zero boil-off magnets became a standard for every MRI machine so that liquid helium was no longer a necessity. Since there is a global shortage, zero boil-off magnets are the new and effective MRI machine feature to have. Your business can save money annually by not sourcing and purchasing liquid helium.

Throughout the years, liquid helium has been a reliable source for many industries. The availability and price have fluctuated due to demand. Although liquid helium provides benefits for MRI machines, it can be costly and is no longer a necessity due to zero boil-off magnets.

Nonetheless, liquid helium is still used in reduced quantities. MRI machines now need less helium to keep the machine cool and the cool magnet running efficiently. To keep your liquid helium consumption and need to a minimum, regularly service your MRI machine and attain the efficiency of the cryo-coolers.