The revolutionary impact that computerised tomography, or CT, technology has had on the medical field can scarcely be doubted. CT scans, also sometimes known as CAT scans, are invaluable in enabling doctors to view inside the body in a manner that maximises patient comfort and convenience.

However, with your own organisation’s requirements in relation to CT scanners likely to be constantly evolving, you may well often have unwanted equipment that you wish to sell at a good price.

Sell CT scan equipment to Vertu Medical, and you can look forward to the most competitive buyback prices, as well as the complete service encompassing the de-installation and removal of equipment from your site, in addition to data deletion.

A quick and easy process

Vertu Medical is committed to making high tech imaging equipment affordable and accessible for every organisation, thereby assisting in the improvement of patient care across the world. It therefore shouldn’t surprise you that we make the process of selling CT scan equipment as straightforward and as stress-free as possible.

All that you are required to do to begin with is complete and submit our concise online form, giving us such details as your first and last name, phone number, email address and company name, as well as a description of the equipment that you wish to sell.

An online currency converter is also provided on our site, so that you can quickly ascertain what price you could obtain for your used CT equipment. Whether the equipment in question is new, used, ex-demo or only any longer usable as spare parts, we give you an economical way to sell CT scan equipment that your organisation can no longer use.

We purchase and sell across all modalities

While we are very proud to be able to both purchase and sell the highest standard of CT scan equipment, we work with systems of all modalities here at Vertu Medical – including MRI, ultrasound, mammography, X-ray and cath labs.

Buy or sell equipment of leading OEMs such as Philips, Toshiba, Dräger, Siemens and Hologic, and you can take full advantage of our swift, comprehensive and expert service that has helped to make us one of the most globally trusted names in the purchase and resale of diagnostic imaging equipment.